CEO Message

Hendersonville Medical Center's CEO Regina BartlettThank you for visiting, the online home of your community hospital. We are pleased that you have chosen to learn more about our hospital and that you are taking an active role in your health and wellbeing by visiting our web home.

TriStar Hendersonville provides sophisticated technology and quality care to our growing, vibrant community. Our Mission, Vision and Service Values all focus on a commitment to continuously improve the services we provide to patients and their families.

We are constantly adding new services and upgrading technologies to provide you the highest quality patient care experience. We were one of the first hospitals in the nation to offer cardiac calcium scoring, taking digital photos of the heart to gauge heart disease. Four-dimensional ultrasound also came to Hendersonville early on, allowing expectant parents to get that first glimpse of baby weeks before they actually met him or her. Our freestanding Outpatient Imaging Center, with the full range of imaging services, provides quick and convenient access to the most advanced diagnostic testing. Most recently, our imaging team has tackled breast cancer head on by installing digital mammography and breast MRI to provide the most comprehensive, sophisticated arsenal against breast cancer on the market today. Additionally, TriStar Hendersonville remains the only Accredited Chest Pain Center in Sumner County, giving our neighbors a 37 percent greater chance of surviving a heart attack when being treated in chest pain center.

Along with our technical advancements, we are equally fortunate to boast a staff of highly trained and qualified physicians. Along with a very strong base of primary care physicians, TriStar Hendersonville is home to numerous medical specialties. Please check our online physician directory to learn more about our physician team, receive a free physician referral online, or register for events &amps; classes online.

As you look through our site, remember that we exist to offer superior quality and caring service to you and your family. Our Administrative offices are open to you, and we welcome your feedback.


Regina Bartlett, CEO
Chief Executive Officer