HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (October 9, 2012)The Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care has once again designated TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center as an accredited chest pain center with cycle four accreditation, the facility announced today. This is a three-year accreditation, at which time the facility will be surveyed again. TriStar Hendersonville first earned accreditation in 2003.

“Excellence is always our goal throughout our facility, and we are pleased to provide cardiac patients a quality of care that is consistent with nationally recognized standards,” said Regina Bartlett, Chief Executive Officer of TriStar Hendersonville. “This accreditation is important to us because it is a great indicator of the effort we put into caring for our cardiac patients and improving the health of those with chest pain.”

To attain accreditation, hospitals must meet or exceed established criteria, confirmed by on-site evaluations by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care. It includes care for all types of chest pain, not just heart attacks. Criteria include:

•           Integrating the emergency department with the local emergency medical system

•           Assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients quickly

•           Effectively treating patients with low risk for acute coronary syndrome and no assignable cause for their symptoms

•           Continually seeking to improve processes and procedures

•           Ensuring the competence and training of Accredited Chest Pain Center personnel

•           Maintaining organizational structure and commitment

•           Having a functional design that promotes optimal patient care

•           Supporting community outreach programs that educate the public to promptly seek medical care if they display symptoms of a possible heart attack

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the United States; 600,000 people a year die from heart disease. More than 5 million Americans with chest pain visit hospitals each year. According to the American Heart Association, heart attack patients have a 37 percent greater chance of survival when treated at an accredited chest pain center.

"The goal in heart attack treatment is that the blockage causing the attack is opened within 90 minutes from the time the patient gets to our ER," said Lisa Gann, Chief Nursing Officer at TriStar Hendersonville. "At TriStar Hendersonville, our average time to getting that blockage opened is just 56.5 minutes."

Gann was also quick to note that this accreditation is not only for the hospital, but also for the teamwork with local emergency services.

"Care for chest pain patients starts long before they arrive at the hospital emergency room," she continued. "We work closely with our local Sumner EMS teams. This accreditation reflects well on both the hospital and on Sumner EMS.”

The Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care is a Columbus, Ohio-based international professional society focused on improving care for patients with acute coronary syndromes and related maladies. The Society is committed to improving the quality of patient care through protocol-based medicine and the adoption of process improvement science to healthcare. The organization strives to reduce mortality rates by teaching the public to recognize and react to the early symptoms of a possible heart attack, reduce the time that it takes to get treatment, and increase the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment. 

TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center, a 110-bed community-based medical center with comprehensive medical and surgical programs, has proudly provided quality healthcare to Sumner and surrounding counties for more than 30 years.  TriStar Hendersonville is the first Accredited Chest Pain Center in Sumner County, increasing the likelihood of survival in a cardiac emergency by 37 percent, is a Certified Primary Stroke Center and the hospital is the region’s only community hospital with an Accredited Joint Center.  For more information about the services offered, health plans accepted or to request a tour, call TriStar MedLine at 342-1919 or visit the website at TriStarHealth.com and choose Hendersonville.