Birth Days are {Special}

The Birth Center at TriStar Hendersonville is a state of the art facility with a full range of OB services to accommodate the entire birthing process — from labor and delivery, to recovery and postpartum care. Our 14 luxurious, private birthing suites bring you the comfort of hotel-like amenities as well as a lactation consultant, a lactation boutique and outpatient lactation programs. We keep families close from the start with an advanced six-bed, Level II NICU to care for your tiny miracles. We’re here to serve Sumner County families in every stage of your journey.

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Bump Ahead!

It seems like there’s always a never-ending checklist to get ready for your new arrival. Keep your healthcare simple. We’ve got you covered with these essential decisions for a healthy pregnancy:

Weeks 1-10

Start taking prenatal vitamins and ditch unhealthy habits like those extra cups of coffee, your late night glass of wine and smoking.

Choose your OB and make an appointment

Discuss diagnostic tests and genetic screenings (especially if you’re a high-risk pregnancy)

Weeks 11-20

Decide whether you want to find out the baby’s sex and start planning accordingly

Sign up for a childbirth class

Take a tour and decide where you want to give birth

Weeks 21-30

If you decide to breastfeed, meet with a lactation consultant or attend a class

If you plan on returning to work, look into childcare (daycares fill up fast!)

Talk with your health insurance provider about preparing for your maternity leave and adding your new baby to your plan

Weeks 31-40

Preregister with your hospital and keep your bag packed

Write down your birth plan and make decisions for the big day

Choose your child's pediatrician