Cancer Treatment Center Close to Home

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at TriStar Hendersonville is a partnership that brings the nation’s largest, most comprehensive cancer treatment and research program to patients in the Sumner County area. We provide convenient access to the best, most innovative cancer treatments and most experienced oncologists near you.

Cancer Testing and Imaging

At TriStar Hendersonville, we know that getting your test results quickly is essential during your cancer journey. We offer a full range of diagnostic and imaging services at the Outpatient Center, TriStar Women’s Imaging – Hendersonville and our on-site medical laboratory prioritizes your time by getting results as fast as possible. We work to quickly diagnose cancer and get you to the resources you need for the most effective treatment for your unique condition.

Our state-of-the-art technologies for the diagnosis of cancer include:

Full Access to Cancer Services

As a part of the TriStar family of hospitals, you or your loved ones also have access to a full range of services for preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer at our other Sarah Cannon Cancer Centers.

When your experience with TriStar Hendersonville includes a cancer diagnosis, we can make sure you are referred to the best oncologists in the TriStar family of hospitals. Through this expansive network, we offer you the latest treatment techniques in radiation oncology, chemotherapy and minimally invasive surgery. You will have the resources and care you need to make your cancer journey with expert oncologists, oncology team members and support resources.

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